New York

New York always seemed like such an elusive place before I finally went there in 2007. To me, New York meant “the big city” even though I live in L.A. However, New York just seems like the quintessential American city. It’s a bustling melting pot of a place where new meets old, where modernity meets tradition in a seamless assimilation. When I was there, I definitely could feel a difference in the way people lived. It was a fast-moving city where people routinely began crossing the street before the signal turned, even cops did it!

The architecture itself was also a sight to behold. From the humble apartment buildings to the towering skyscrapers, it was a mishmash of artistic styles and views that matched the eclectic culture of New York and its inhabitants. I’ll admit that when I was there, I didn’t particularly like it, but once I left, I realized that New York never left me.

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