Descanso Gardens

My dad recently introduced me to this place Descanso Gardens. Unlike the sort-of-nearby Huntington Library, Descanso Gardens is pretty affordable and is more of a wilderness park than a manicured garden. It’s $8 per person and is located somewhere near the mountains so there is a lot of natural wildlife and things here. We saw countless spider webs, squirrels, and butterflies and more bees than you can shake a stick at. It’s a nice place to just stroll around and soak up some sun.

In the summer they also have weekly jazz concerts at night, which is a nice place to have a dinner date if you’d like. The day we went, however, was so hot that it was almost unpleasant but the flowers were full in bloom (except for the lilacs). There’s also a cute little train ride called the Enchanted Railroad that is $3 per person and takes you around the little garden area they have. So if you’re looking for a nice garden area to visit and the Huntington Library’s $15 admission fee seems a little steep for you, check out Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge.

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