One thing I like to do is experiment with vintage looks. So I tried it out on this picture from Grizzly River Run I took, since the Imagineers did an awesome job of making it look like an old mining town, and came up with this.

This is the original photo:

Tintypes and carte de visites of the 1800s tend to have a lot of darks and lights with not a lot in between. So I upped the fill a LOT to lose a lot of that beautiful DSLR detail, upped the brightness, and lowered the contrast. I converted to black and white and played around with split toning to get that tea-soaked look that a lot of the old photos had. Then I used a vignette effect to get the “just-developed-off-glass” wet look. Afterwards, I sent it over to Photoshop where I used a texture from firesign24-7 on Deviant Art. I used the blending layer option “Multiply” to get enough of the texture showing where it didn’t overwhelm the picture.

Don’t know how accurate the look is (especially with the tubes haha), but I’m happy with it. For now.

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