This time, I wanted to try something out. The square format of large format cameras has been getting quite popular, especially with inventions such as the Hipstamatic application on the iTouch/iPhone; it really makes you think about composition because the square is a pretty unusual shape as opposed to the traditional rectangular canvas. You get to be more creative with the placement of your subject and the relationship between positive/negative space. I have to admit that I had been getting into a rule-of-thirds-rut. Usually when I take pictures, I tend to think of what would look good as a desktop background, so I place pictures in the right third, but using Lightroom, tried out different crops on this picture of a giraffe that I took while at the San Diego Safari Park (which used to be called the Wild Animal Park).

The post-processing is a little different than the one I did on my Grizzly River Run picture because I wanted to make it bolder and more reminiscent of those African photo prints that you sometimes see at places like Pier 1 Imports haha. I like the almost 3D look that the giraffe has. The processing was about the same as last time, except I skipped the whole contrasting/brightness thing.

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